Xin Jia Fu Food Pte Ltd started off in a humble kitchen in 2017 supplying dumplings mainly to food service. To suit local market's needs, formulas has been meticulously adjusted.
In 2019, Xin Jia Fu Food Pte Ltd created the brand: TianTianShiPin, entering into Singapore's major supermarkets and quickly become of the most popular homegrown brand.
Today, its core business has branches off from a manufacturer and a retailer of convenience food mainly dumplings, soup dumplings, wantons supplying to both food service and consumers.

新家福食品于2017年成立,主要为餐饮业提供供应链支持,所有配方都经过精心研发与调整,只为最大限度迎合本地口味。在2019年,新家福食品成立了天天食品品牌,进驻新加坡各大超市并迅速成长为新加坡本地最受欢迎的品牌之一。如今我们的核心业务已经从制造和零售扩展到 为更多的餐饮企业提供供应链支持, 核心产品有水饺,小笼包和馄饨等。